Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Christian View of Money and Vacations

Post by
Michelle Dowell, Co-Contributor

Spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on vacations is viewed as normal and even in some places expected in our culture. It's as if when we take time out of work, even on weekends, it might seem odd to others if we don't spend some money doing something "significant" like going to a fancy restaurant or traveling to some popular place.

Is this the way Christians should spend a large portion of their money or a large amount of money? It's good to rest and to desire to see God's beautiful creation outside of places we normally see it. But it's also good to be sure we give some money to God and to the poor, as the Bible tells us to do this--and God also desires for us to be healthy financially, to be good stewards of what he has given to us.

Here are three questions to ask when planning a vacation to help determine if we're following God's instructions to us in his Word:

1. Is the money that will be spent on this trip going to make it hard to be financially healthy?

2. How much money has been given to God and to the poor? If the answer is nothing or not much, it'd be much better to do that and rest at home than to spend the money on the vacation. Also, is what you're going to do something that can be done closer and be mostly the same?

3. Will this vacation help you feel more rested? Rest is a part of life that is needed. Vacations often can be crammed full of activity.
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