Saturday, October 4, 2014

Is God Enough?

Is God enough?  The true answer sums up greatly the maturity of a Christian.  Of course we all know the right answer to say, but the right answer and the true answer are often different.

The bible emphatically says that God is enough.  If you choose God over everything else you have made a wise choice.  It is good to not have to choose, but it highlights our understanding.

God is our father in heaven who is complete in goodness in himself and desires to draw us into eternal fellowship with himself.  We often doubt God's goodness to us.  We question if God is really enough.

God is truly more than enough.  It is difficult to see from our limited perspective.  We are in the thick of the difficulties of life and often cannot see things.  Sometimes years after the fact we can see some sign of the reason for things, but we often never find the answers.

You see we live by faith.  God shows us what we need to know, but he asks us to have faith and does not show us everything.  We are saved by faith.  We continue our journey in the Christian life in faith.  God shows us what we need to know and often more than we need to know, but he never shows us everything.

He asks us to trust him and follow him.  Sometimes it fells like it does not make sense to follow God because we are so close to the problems.  God knows our nature and loves us anyway.

We often in life try to hide this or that flaw because we feel we may not be accepted.  Maybe we have goofy tastes in music and others will laugh because we are not "refined in our music taste" or maybe we are "not cool" or "not reverent."  Often people judge others by the most strange measures.

We judge preferences in music, food, style as if it says something absolute.  We can be quite absurd at times if we are honest.  God knows all of this and loves us anyway.  He guides us in the Christian life, helping us to grow all the while knowing far more about our failings than we ever will.
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