Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our Way

One of the most common objections to Christianity is that elements of the faith do not please us. The objections rarely come in such a simplistic and honest form, but many objections if inquired further boil down to "I do not like a God who would ask this of me."

It is most common to believe what we like. It takes great fortitude to believe something to be true that we do not like. And this is the issue with faith in Jesus.

For all the attractive and compelling reasons to have faith in Jesus we do not like what he has to say about or lives. To accept the good news of the gospel we must first accept the bad news about ourselves.

It is abundantly apparent that we need the gospel. We are all fallen and sinful, but we do not like to accept our nature.

We always like to push things off and ignore the reality of things. It is easier to say that God is wrong about the nature of people than it is to deal with the fact that God is right about our nature and we have a lot to fix.

The gospel is abundantly good news. We are welcomed into eternal fellowship with God. But we first have to accept that God is right about our nature and that we are in need. The good news is only good once we accept the fact of our need.

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