Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Bible and Debt

The bible always teaches us to be wary of debt. Our culture often promotes a view that buying now and paying later is normal. In a sense buying on credit is normal in our culture.

The issue of course is that something being normal does not equate to it being good. The bible teaches about being wary of debt because we are spending future income (which may or may not be what we expect) for present gratification.

Debt has destroyed the lives of many people. The bible does not ever absolutely condemn debt but asks us to think. It asks us to think if our inclinations of what we need and want are really so good for us.

The bible's teaching on debt, like many of the bible's teachings, are to protect our happiness. We have a tendency as fallen people to value pleasure in the moment far above the long term costs of our decisions. We often suffer from a shortsightedness which is why the bible teaches us to be wary of debt.
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