Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Good in All Types of Work

All work is good, even work that isn't in ministry, if it's something that produces good in the world. All work should be viewed at the same level, and shouldn't be viewed as "not as good" as others. The reason is God commands us to be active and help others in the world, and work is one way to do this. This of course includes work at home, such as taking care of kids and housework.

We are all gifted by God differently and there are a variety of jobs that fit these talents. The fact that we all have different talents and backgrounds may lead us to think that other jobs aren't as good.

A designer may cringe at the thought of crunching numbers, and vice versa.

A person sitting in the office all day may not like the thought of retail or being a car mechanic, but they may not realize that some people like very much walking and moving around during the workday.

Along with the value in secular work, it is also a setting that may influence coworkers to think at least a little more about spiritual matters. It doesn't even have to be saying anything about spirituality, but just living a life that may seem a little different and more peaceful than others. They may start to think that there is something important in this. And the people in this setting are possibly ones that people in ministry may never cross paths with.
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