Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Theology as a Meta-Discipline

Theology speaks to all areas of life. God has spoken to man and his word has implications of all areas of life. Often we need humility to realize that we may not see the implications.

It is not always easy to see how the bible can inform our thinking in many areas. But the reality is that if we are open to the idea that the bible does have implications to all sorts of things in life we will often begin to see how the bible applies to this or that area of life.

We often push the bible too far back. Maybe we read it regularly but we do not see how it applies to hardly any area. Maybe it applies to family, friendships, and church, but nothing else. Of course we are never that crass in speech but often it is the way we live.

The reality is we often close ourselves off to the implications of the bible in all sorts of ways. By opening ourselves to the possibility that scripture informs everything we often begin to understand many things we would not understand otherwise.

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