Saturday, December 13, 2014

Come as You Are

The bible bids us to come to God. It is easy to make excuses, but God wishes for us to come to himself.

The church should actively seek to bring the good news of the Christian gospel to others. Too often we are hesitant wondering if we are eloquent or what we have to say.

It is God who moves mountains and not ourselves. God has many things for us to do in life if we will be open to the possibilities. Often we quench the Spirit by doubting that God can use us.

It is easy to feel that the problems of the world are too big. If we look at the news and we see the problems in this or that country and all over the world, it is all to much.

We become paralyzed looking at the thousands of problems which present themselves to us in the world. But the reality is that if we pick one problem and begin to work on the problem we can make a difference.

It is often important to be realistic. Often we accomplish nothing because we take on goals which are beyond are ability.

We should aim to make a difference and have the humility to make a small difference rather than to fail at making a huge difference. Our faithfulness in making a small difference in the world can step by step help advance the kingdom of God in the world.
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