Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Journey Matters

The world looks at where people are as a sign of success. In many senses spiritually where people are is far less important than how they got where they are.

The journey we take and the decisions we make to get there are more important than where we end up. Our faithfulness to live out our faith is more important than any status or position we obtain.

Ill gotten gain or gain obtained by walking over others is never good for those who get it. It may look like ill gotten gain has no significance today or tomorrow but we always tend to look at things too closely.

We tend to look at life in the moment instead of life in the face of eternity. In the moment many things look good that do not look good in the face of eternity.

The biblical math is that having God is worth more than all else. The math is of course fundamentally correct in the face of eternity.

Only one thing matters. All other things find their significance in relation to the choice to follow or fail to follow Jesus.

The choice is not between following Jesus and opposing Jesus. There are those who oppose Jesus for sure. But the choice is to actively follow Jesus or not. We cannot passively follow Jesus in a way which has no meaning.

We are saved by grace and not saved by our works. But the faith which justifies is never alone. True faith is always active.

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