Thursday, May 21, 2015

True Biblical Belief

Often people are examined today for being "biblical" based on what they say. Viewpoints on scripture are of course an important test for being "biblical," but far more important is how one lives.

Living biblical truth is far more important for being "biblical" than doting all the right points in a conversation. Living is what makes or breaks our faithfulness to scripture.

If we really understand scripture in a deep way it will change us. Understanding scripture in this way a way that really matters is ultimately what is important.

If you want to know how faithful we are biblically we need to not look as much at what we say, but look to what we do. The saying "talk is cheap" is very applicable.

If we want to know what we care about we often have to stop looking at what we say we care about and instead look at what our actions say we care about. Our actions flow from our heart and speak volumes to what we actually truly care about most.
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