Saturday, July 18, 2015

Friendship, Humility, and Limits

True friendship is faithful in small things. You find everyone is your friend when things are well.

True friends are not absent when things are poor. They remember the details of our lives and begin to understand us even when we do not speak.

At times we are encouraged to do more and more in the church for God. Doing more for God is always noble as long as more is more. At times the church encourages us to interact more and always do more with others.

At times doing more can begin to harm our friendships. There can be an issue with having too many friendships. The friendships end up becoming a long list of acquaintances. Many people have had the issue of losing four or five dear friends for the sake of two hundred acquaintances.

We can be friendly with everyone but not friends with everyone. We can show the love of Christ to everyone but we cannot deeply invest in everyone.

It often takes humility to see our limits. Not a false humility which sees that we can do nothing. That is not humility; it's a shirking of responsibility. True humility sees what it can accomplish and does it, but accepts its limits.

True humility is not a self depreciation but an acceptance of our abilities and limits. It sees what we can or may be able do do and acts while recognizing the limits of our time and energy.

Often Jesus went into solitude to pray. There was more ministry that could be done, but more is not always more in ministry.
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