Friday, July 3, 2015

Respecting Differences in Viewpoint

I have interacted with a number of Christians who refuse to accept differences in viewpoint.  You find that they will not take a disagreement as an acceptable state of affairs and instead are willing to damage relationships by pressing the disagreements constantly.

Often in life rational people will see situations differently.  A discussion of the issues at hand can be helpful, but at times an impasse is reached and one side wishes to discontinue the conversation.  If the other side presses the topic all they do is damage the relationship.

Even if we feel we are in the right arguing a point endlessly even if we feel it has some importance is of no use.  At some point simply allowing differences of opinion even if we feel the points are important is the most loving thing to do.

You see results cannot be separated from ethics.  We cannot always know results, but in a clear impasse of a discussion tabling the discussion and not aggravating a relationship is the only logical course of action.  There is a need to have respect in discussions which includes realizing that not all impasses can be solved.

There is no point in rehashing the same points when no common ground can be found.  We need to have the wisdom and humility to realize that not all disagreements can be solved.
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