Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moving Past Theological Labels

There are a vast number of theological labels given to types of theology.  Often the church would do best to move past the labels.

The number of groups who will not dialogue because of theological labels is often pronounced.  We often would do better to simply listen.

What does a person say and is what the person says according to the word and will of God?  If a person speaks the gospel truthfully and lives out there life faithfully to God the person is someone to listen to even if we might feel tentative about how they are labeled theologically.

Because two people share similar theological traits does not mean both are teaching and walking in accord with the will of God.

Often it is not what a theologian says which is worrisome, but what the do not say, or will not say, or do not have the courage to say.  We should listen to what thinkers say and not what is said about them.

Most people simply repeat second hand the views of various thinkers.  We might ask them where they got the view and the would say "everyone know it is this way."

Maybe it is and maybe it is not.  At times so many people have repeated the same erroneous viewpoint that the number of people who know the truth is greatly outnumbered by the number who believe errors.

We need to listen to what thinkers say.  Not what the press says about them.  Not what their fans say or dissenters say.

We need to listen, think, and judge rightly according to the word of God.
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