Monday, September 7, 2015


Humans are spiritual beings. Even if people don't participate in "spiritual formation" exercises or "spiritual disciplines" or even have faith, all people have souls that are fulfilled only in God. We are all spiritual beings.

Acknowledging this is helpful because it helps us when we wonder what we should do or how to help others. What we should do is know that being accepted into God's family through Christ's work is the best privilege, and that loving and serving God is incredibly important. When we do that, we often feel happy or joy.

And our neighbor, who we may not agree with or may not see much hope in, is a person with a nature that longs for God. They may not acknowledge it or fully feel convicted of that fact, but the truth is that a relationship with Christ is what will fill a part of them that felt empty.

The amazing thing is that paying attention to the spiritualness of humans and life helps the physical. We shouldn't separate the two. When we love God, and feel that peace, we feel compelled to love others. Physically we may feel better because love helps us take better care of ourselves and others.
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