Friday, September 25, 2015

The Authentic Truth Seeking Church

There are many things written today about drawing people into church.  Should church be relevant or stick to tradition.

The answer is rarely easy.  There are many authentic ways that a church can do many things.

But in all things the church must be authentic to itself and its call to be God's hands in the world.  The church may reach out in many ways and there are many ways the church can authentically look.

But the church must always reach out in a way which is authentically biblical.  The church is served by considering how to reach out, but always reaching out in an authentically biblical way.

The world will only be drawn to a the church if the church offers something the world cannot find outside of the church.  The gospel is where the church stands or falls.

The church needs to learn to authentically preach and live out the gospel.  To have the concern for truth that Jesus had without the harsh edge of judgement for those who seek truth.

To have the criticalness of the "members" of "the church" who do not seek the truth the way Jesus had of those only pretending to seek the truth.

The church must always look to the heart of matters.  And judge spiritually, scripturally, and biblically.

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