Thursday, July 28, 2005

We Will Be Most Satisfied When We See, Savor, and Make Much of God

A bit from Piper:

“If the purpose of God – flowing from the very essence of what it means to be God – is that he be known and enjoyed and praised as infinitely glorious in his free and sovereign grace, then the meaning of our existence is clear. We exist to know and enjoy and praise and display the glory of God’s free and sovereign grace. We exist to see and savor and sing – and spread a passion for – the glory of God’s grace.”

A bit from me:

And I would like to add if we exist for the purpose of seeing and savoring and making much of God then it should well be easily be inferred that we will be most satisfied when we see, savor, and make much of God.  For, God as an infinitely wise creator did not create us in a way so that we would find anything other than our most ultimate joy in him.  In fact it is hard to imagine us finding anything other than our ultimate joy in the infinite beauty and brilliance of God.
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