Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Difficulties of Getting Seriously Excited About God

The difficulties of getting seriously excited about God:

Getting excited about God has several difficulties for fallen man.  First we have a nature bent toward sin.  Sin not only makes it difficult for us to desire to behold the most beautiful thing in the universe it also makes us rebellious against God. Sin also tries to scrape our enjoyment out of our worship.  May it be wondering thoughts, hearts that aren't really as interested in worship as other things, or the difficulty of getting really excited about someone you barely know. Sin tries to tell us that worship and learning about God is a ho-hum experience just because it is that way now. It tries to deceive us that we can never find worship as delightful as videogames, sports, TV, movies, friends, and significant others.  This is a very deceptive lie because in our current experience these things may well be more enjoyable than serious a serious study of God and his promises, but it doesn't have to be that way.  If we take seriously that God created us for the purpose of seeing, savoring, and making much of God then we will realize that doing these things we should be most happy.  If that is not the case now it is something that needs to be fixed as to begin the process toward which it is the thing that makes us most happy.  It isn't us just making God happy that is what seeing, savoring and making much of God is about, it is about finding our deepest and most ultimate satisfaction and joy in life.
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