Saturday, August 6, 2005

Refreshing Living Water

If it often seems that I try to convince people of things, you are right.  But, I do it because I actually care.  Consider it like this: a life based around consuming and delighting in worldly things is like a life spent drinking semp pond water.  There is nothing wrong with semp pond water, but the glory in it is to point to the living water that is God.  The glories that many Christians enjoy without basing their main joy on God is drinking a polluted, a murky, bacteria filled, green, and scummy drink.  God is all refreshing, all satisfy, all beautiful, all powerful, all loving, and all glorious drink.  One can easily realize that the 'living water' he offers is far better than semp pond water.  Don't get me wrong I love semp pond water.  It is beautiful to walk around, it is great fun to jump in with friends, and I think it might be a great place to eventually propose to a Girl, but I'm glad that girl isn't drinking so much of it lately...  The living water is so much better for you…  I hope some of you get some sense into your heads and stop drinking so much of it too...
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