Monday, August 8, 2005

Marveling at the Infinite Wisdom of God

Two things in the past two days made me marvel at the infinite wisdom of God.  The first was a game of go.  So is normally played on a 19 by 19 line board having 361 intersections. This would give the possible games to be somewhere around 361! (!=factorial (4!= 4x3x2x1)) (not sure exactly how accurate this is it could be but it is at least a breathtakingly huge number). Anyway I decided to play a 37 by 37 go game for fun to see how it would be.  I had absolutely no idea how any stone related to any other on the board. It so blew my mind away how impossible it would ever be for humans to master.  And then I though this is simple for God.  He has known every possibility of this game from all eternity.  This 1369! challenge is far simpler to God than tic-tac-toe could ever be to any human.

The other thing I marveled at was how I was sweeping up tons of dust today at work.  And I though there is not one piece of dust that is not in exactly the spot that God wanted it.  Considering the incredible amount of dust that was on the ground and flying around and being scattered by construction workers and being kicked and flying in the air and being pushed by brooms that is mind blowing also.  In fact consider all of the universe and there is not one atom that is not under our creators control.  Such a thought is utterly breathtaking.  It is also very good news for Christians as humans are utterly fickle and would never turn to God on their own, and because God is totally free and totally in charge and thus totally God centered which is very good news for believers, and because God is most glorious when he is most free, and for many other reasons predestination is very good news.
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