Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Humbling Ourselves Before God

Many Christians have great difficulty in humbling themselves before God.  Many college professors often settle for analyzing God rather than worshiping him.  This is an incredibly difficult thing to do and only an academic or a fool can pull it off.  Pulling away the worship aspect from knowledge about God or making the study of the bible dull is quite a difficult task.  It is difficult to make the infinitely enjoyable dull.

Anyway back to humbling yourself before God.  Being forced to kneeling down, empty, devoid of anything to commend yourself by is a great fear of our culture.  But consider it like this God is a mountain brook.  We come in great need of quenching thirst, we come without anything to give the brook, we keel down and deeply gulp and enjoy it.  If there is no one righteous no not one and there is no one who does good should we despair?  No because God is most pleased when we come to him empty ready to be filled with his love.  He is most happy in this because this is the way he is most glorified and we should be happy in this because this will be the way our thirst is finally quenched.
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