Friday, August 19, 2005

How We'd Live Differently If We Really Understood that "All Things Work Together for the Good of ..."

Some pondering on how we would live differently if we really understood that, "All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose."

1) This should be a source of major comfort to us in times of trials.  If it isn't it is a sign that we need our relationship with God and the way we think about him mended.

2) We would have a way to really comfort our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering.  Something that goes past, "Oh I'm sorry... or That Sucks..."  It adds something deep and bring the focus back to God where it should be in the first place.  It gives real comfort if taken to heart by one who loves God loves and is loved by God.

3) It should be a source for great risk taking.  If all things work together for my God why shouldn't I say a loving, but very hard thing for a person to hear, it indeed it is something that should be said.  If relationships are shatter or friendships weakened, or money given away it is for our good.  You could argue that if relationships are made firm or kept safe, and if we hoard money or just guard the little we have then it also works for our good.  I think its safe to answer like Paul here.  Shall we not take risks for the kingdom of heaven so that God will work them for our good. May it never be.

4) We should wish for others to see the brilliance of this truth and tell others not to just settle with this one promise but to search high and low and far and wide to learn and savor the many additional promises that flow from the beauty of God.

5) We should remember this promise and turn our hearts to thank God at all times and in all situations for his goodness to us.

6) Our love for God would be greatly increased.  If we really took it to heart that everything worked together for our good we would be filled with awe at the awesome wisdom and power of God.  Today I was filled with that wonder as I accidently dropped a peanut butter filled cracker and spent a while mashing it around on the floor (without realizing it only to have to clean up the mess) Yes mashed peanut butter and cracker bits all over the bottom of my shoe and all over the floor is working for my good and I remember it!

7) We would be more conscious in our effort to try to make everything work for the maximum good possible.  If we focus on that everything works for our good and focus on God we will want to work everything for as much good as possible.

A lot more but lunch time is over...
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