Friday, September 30, 2005

Another Prayer

Abba Father,

I thank you that you delight infinitely in yourself and do all things for your glory. This is greatest love imaginable, to us your flock. Lord bless us with a burning hunger for you Lord. Lord, ask much of us, that we may glorify you greatly. And give to us what you ask of us. Teach us to decrease, that you may increase. Show yourself to us Lord, so that we may be transformed into a people pleasing to you. Teach us what it means to take up our cross and follow you. Withhold from us no trial that is good for us, Lord. Move on us Lord, that you may be praised. Move on us, that we may taste your goodness, how you are better than life, better than all the pleasure we have ever felt combined. Lord, your beauty is infinite, hide it not from us. Lord, make the dead alive, make us who struggle, victorious, those us suffer, find peace in you, and us who are arrogant, humble. Lord, keep from us no blessing that would enable us to see you better. Keep no blessing, however painful it be, from us Lord, so that we may see you as we ought, and Love you accordingly.

In Jesus Name.

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