Friday, October 28, 2005

A German Saying

"A steady drip bores a hole in the rock." (German saying)

Recent events brought my mind back to this German saying.  “A steady drip bores a hole in the rock.”  Satan wishes to sift us.  Satan is a slow drip that attempts to bore deeply into our being.  Satan gives us slow almost unperceivable shakes.  Each shake is like a drip of water trying to bore out a smidgen of goodness out of us.

As Christian the opposite is true.  God is a slow steady drip boring out a smidgen of sin, with each drip.  And God is a slow stead drip building us up in him.  As Christians we need to turn our eyes to Christ and keep them on him constantly.  When we turn our eyes off Christ, the drip of sin slowly bores a hole in our Godliness.  But, as we gaze at the infinite beauty of God most clearly demonstrated on the cross we are slowly built up. God will bore all sin out of us Christians at the second coming, but all of eternity God will be a steady drip for us building us up.  A steady drip that will cause us to wonder, marvel, enjoy, and forever praise our Father.
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