Friday, October 21, 2005

What to Say About Ignorance Being Blamed for All Great Injustices Today

Ignorance is blamed for all great injustices today.  If we knew more about poverty we would be moved to help.  If we truly understood hunger we would feed the poor.  If we truly understood racism we would fight against it.  The ‘problem’ is that we just don’t know enough.

What should we say about this?

The more major issue though is sin.  Christian’s actions are meant to flow out of their faith.  When we give Christians emotional reasons to act without first grounding these actions in Christ we set them up to disobey the bible.  The bible says all actions must flow from faith.  We must look though Christ to deal with sin in any pleasing way for God.  It helps to be informed of need so that our efforts may be the most fruitful, but it is not the root of the issue.  The root is that if our faith was deep enough we would count all things as rubbish compared to Christ and his kingdom.  When all things in the world become rubbish to us then we will be prepared to fight with all our hearts for God.  Education to eliminate ignorance might produce ‘works,’ but those works will be despicable to God if they come from anywhere else than our satisfaction in what his son has done for us.  For this reason elimination of ignorance is a very distant secondary issue compared to the elimination of sin.
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