Monday, October 17, 2005

God's Wisdom in Creation

The wisdom of God in creating material things has really struck me lately.  We take for granted material things and cannot conceptualize an immaterial world.  But, think of before creation.  God is a spirit and angles are spirits.  It is quite possible that the angles had no concept of what materialness was.  And then this new incredibly rich and inexplicably foreign material named matter sprung forth into existence because at God's command.  Imagine how they must have marveled at matter and how they must have worshiped the wisdom of God and incredible inspiring it must have been.  And then humans are created.  Humans are created not fully material and not fully immaterial.  We tend to think matter something very ordinary.  But, it is something radically inventive indeed!  The immaterial has an eternal history in God, but the material is a radically wonderful and inventive creation of God.  The material world so intricately created with its many fold wonders and balances and laws all crafted and governed by an infinitely wise God.  It is a shame we do not feel more awe overwhelming our souls because of God's wisdom in creation.
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