Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Everyone wants to do the right thing."

A commercial a few months back features a young boy saying, "Everyone wants to do the right thing." If this were true we would not need a savior.

We must come to grips with the fact that we are sinners and we are in need of being saved from ourselves. It is only when we accept that we cannot earn our salvation that we can accept Christ's free gift to us.

The heart is evil above all things. We sin because it is our nature as fallen people to do so.

The heart of mankind is dark because he has rebelled against God. Man is in need of a savior because of his rebellion.

The love of God is that God has sent his son to bridge the gap for those who will look to him and his work.

The failure of modern moral education is that the moral education has a bad foundation. The goodness of mankind on which the education is based does not have basis in reality.

The scope of the problem is everywhere ignored in academia and the media. It is always assumed that education will fix everything.

Education does improved things, but it does not change the fundamental issue. My might educate a person to improve their quality of life, but the sinful heart remains.

It is grace flowing from the power of the gospel that changes people.
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