Sunday, June 27, 2010

'Lack' of need for giving?!

I had an interesting conversation recently. I was talking to a person that indicated that he thought there was a limited need for charitable giving. He seemed to think there wasn't a great need for funds among non-profits. The reality is that there is so much good work that goes undone for lack of funds. If you look at the world there is tons of need for poverty relief, disaster relief, literacy programs, evangelization, bible translation, ect... There is certainly an incredible need in the world for people to become generous again.

In reality if we say "there is no need for me to give" we are really trying to justify our sinful ways. If we really look around there are thousands of God-honoring causes that could use more funds to expand their good work. The amount of need in the world is staggering. We cannot say "there is no need for me to give". It just isn't true.
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