Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Christian Intuition

Developing a sense of Christian Intuition is very helpful in life. When we dialog with scripture we frequently begin to get a sense for what Christianity might say in a certain situation.

We need to walk around with a good intuition of what God would say in a variety of situations. We frequently bump into people and they will say something completely shocking about Christianity.

It’s not necessary to always have a response, but it is nice to at least firmly be able to state that we do not believe that is the teaching of scripture. We need to have a healthy suspicion of what any religious figure says about Christianity.

Some Christian figures speak about God’s will being great wealth for his people and how you are blessed by God if you have great wealth. Some Christians speak of poverty as the Christian virtue. Some speak of having enough as the Christian ideal?

Which is it! Well clearly if we have a bit of scriptural bases we will know that health and wealth is not the Christian message. Jesus and his apostles were poor. Paul said any apostle who carried a large savings was not an apostle.

I do not which to argue if God’s intent for his followers is comfortable living or asceticism as this was merely to illustrate a point. If we simply look at the life of Jesus we can see he rejected riches as a sign of God’s blessing and had many warnings against those who desired to be rich.

We will bump up against many ideas about God in life. It is always useful to think of an example from the bible for a situation and if God issues any comments on what took place there.

Some history in the bible is offered without God’s comment. This is a bit hard to use as evidence one way or another, but for example in Job’s suffering God stated that Job was more righteous than all of his accusers. It was Job’s accusers in serious danger at the end not Job.
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