Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Value of Faith

There was a young man who wished to be Jesus' disciple and requested that Jesus take him as a disciple. Jesus responded that if the man left all his possessions and followed him that Jesus would take him as a disciple. The man went away sad because he had great wealth.

Good or bad choice? One interesting fact is missed in most commentaries. All the other disciples had willingly left everything to follow Jesus.

Jesus had met some disciples fishing and asked them to follow and the left everything to follow Jesus. Good or bad choice, well clearly a good choice.

Few of us will ever face the choice of following Jesus at such a cost, but it is interesting to think of it. How valuable is God to us. Jesus tells the parable of the pearl in the field which a man spends all he has to buy the field.

If we do not see Jesus as the pearl of great value I think we have missed the point. What is faith in Jesus worth, well the value is not possible to calculate. Any number given would be a great understatement of the value of knowing and being known by Jesus.

Faith is really about having a relationship with the living God and being in his presence forever.
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