Friday, April 26, 2013

Importance of Silence in Life

There is a great importance of silence in the Christian life. There really isn't much spiritual growth possible without silence.

The great danger in life today above all other dangers is business. We are filling our lives with activity. We have no time to think about anything.

The refrain of our lives is tomorrow I will do that thing of which is of great importance. Do we really intend to do the good which we have not done? Or are we making an excuse to put off the God.

I will consider the claims of Jesus tomorrow. Tomorrow I will look into doing they good which I have left undone.

Really these phrases become meaningless as the years drift by. We all have the inner tendency to excuse our failures indefinitely.

If God is knocking at the door will we answer today, because he may not be knocking tomorrow. Tomorrow is always the worst time to schedule the good which needs to be done.

C.S. Lewis in the Screw Tape letters hints that the path to hell is often filled not with great sinfulness in life, but rather simply it is so bland, one just lives ones life with indifference each and every day never making those choices which are important.
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