Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eloquence Which is Evil

There is a certain eloquence which is evil. Some men will hide in places where they do not belong and disguise their words by using phrases which confuse others.

Maybe they will refer to Justification, but by the term mean Works. Maybe they will lead their audience down the wrong patch by simply saying things which they do not understand.

There is often an eloquence in speech which is ugly. It is ugly because it is not meant to bring the truth out into the light, but to rather bury the truth into darkness.

The truth always shines best in the light. If one has a belief then state it plainly. Maybe there are times for diplomatic answers, but frequently much damage is done simply because people refuse to speak plainly.

Another great irony of the related to this eloquence is those signing their name to beliefs they do not hold. They sign their names that they hold beliefs and then proceed to use eloquence so that many people are not aware of what they do in fact believe.

We should be honest about our belief. If God is for us will he not provide? Must we stoop to dishonesty to protect ourselves?

Abraham the great man of faith sometimes stooped to dishonesty to try to protect himself. In the end those attempts always seemed to cause more trouble then they averted.

In fact God was behind Abraham so he should have never feared. If God is for us then who can be against us?

The answer is plainly no one. If God is truly for us he can bring us through any fire.

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