Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Hypocrisy of Preaching Following Jesus while Rejecting His Teaching

There are a number of modern preachers questioning if the Christian God would really will a place such as hell. Yet they wish for us to follow Christ...

Jesus spoke of heaven and hell. To follow Jesus is to sit under the man's teaching. One is not a disciple of Jesus if one stands over his teaching.

Of course Jesus speaks of hell in a new light that he has come to break its power over those who will trust in him. Why the cross is necessary is to save a few from judgment.

A God of love could not ordain hell many modern preachers say. The reality is that these preachers do not understand the love of a God who would bring people to himself at such great cost.

Why is the cross necessary? It is because in our natural state we will surely parish if we glimpsed God. It is only clothed in Christ's righteousness that we can possibly even approach the Living God.
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