Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cheap Grace Is No Grace

Most articulations of grace are very interesting. However one articulation of grace is fairly ugly "cheap grace."

Cheap grace is roughly a position that says that once saved by grace one can live as one pleases. A number of people reject grace as independent form law because of the fear of cheap grace.

The reality is grace is apart from works. But by ones works you can perceive the truth of the grace. A saving faith will never be followed by a life with no fruit.

A good saying is that: the faith which justifies is never alone. We are justified by faith alone, but that faith is never unaccompanied by works.

A faith which never produces works is dead. Because true faith unites one to Jesus and union with Jesus always produces improvement in ones life.

The improvements may be slow and gradual, but they will always come.
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