Friday, May 10, 2013

Possibility of Miracles

There is this strange objection to miracles which seems to have come from Enlightenment philosophy. It runs something like this: miracles are not possible because God is not such a God who would intervene in the natural order of processes in the world.

The first question to this strange objection to miracles is how one can by reason know that God would not subvert the natural order of processes in the world. It is as if God according this errant philosophy is somehow morally obligated to uphold the natural processes or laws of nature by which the world typically runs.

A more detailed response to this philosophy is that God created the natural process. In the beginning there was God. There was no universe or natural processes of nature at the beginning of time.

God create nature and as creature of nature if he wants to step in and alter the process momentarily this is his right. There are parts of scripture where God indicates that he has the right to mold creation as a potter has the right to mold clay, since he is the one who created it.

Of course the best response is simply that God reveals in the bible that he has in many times and places stepped in and altered the natural process of the universe, because it pleased him to do so. I personally am not sure the extent to which God does miracles today.

I believe God does intervene in the natural processes even today when he sees a need. Of course this is difficult to defend on only a scriptural basis, but miracles existed since the beginning of recorded scripture and I see no necessity that the death of Christ ended or prohibited God's work in this way.
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