Sunday, May 26, 2013

Historical Progress or lack there of

In some parts of the world there seem to be this notion that man is somehow progressing. Modern man is better than he was in the past in some sense.

It is rather hard to understand such a perspective other than that it is based on an evolutionary mindset. Clearly if one actually looks at the world today we can see that the progress of humanity is clearly an illusion.

Scientific progress has taken a large amount of people out of extreme suffering, but it has in no way changed peoples hearts. If we simply turn on the news we see that man has a bad heart.

More importantly if we look inside our selves in a truthful manner we will also see that darkness exists within. That argument we got in yesterday where the other was "at fault" if we are truthful we will often see that we almost always have more responsibility then we like to admit.

The bible says the heart is deceitful above all things. This isn't bad news if we understand it, because God's offer of grace quickly follows.

Really the great danger in life if not accepting that we are sinners, because God offers his grace freely to sinners. The great danger in life is simply to refuse to admit that we are sinners. God actually has very little interest in those who perceive they have everything "together."
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