Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Joy In Life Tied to Other's Joy

A lot of times I have found that my joy in life is tied to the joy of others. There is a great satisfaction that you find from helping others.

It is interesting that many people find volunteering and working with animals who have no homes to be an uplifting experience. I believe that this is part of the process of Joy that God intended for the world.

Joy is and never was something that was meant to be found in isolation. Joy is often found through service to others.

It is interesting that the law of God on the surface seems like a bunch of joyless commands. In reality when you dig into the law you begin to find that through grace the law actually protects and promotes our joy.

Sin is a force which destroys joy. It offers short term pleasures and long term darkness. Joy was really meant to always be found through living a godly life.

Acts of service and helping others are really part of God's plan for the world. God's plan is superior to our plan for the world and often surprisingly to the human mind God's plan is more full of happiness then the plans of the world.
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