Monday, May 6, 2013

Danger of Christian Scholarship

There is a great danger to Christian Scholarship. This is important for the academic to understand (as a warning to self) and the student (as a healthy suspicion of the academic).

The danger is that the bible only ever speaks to oneself. It wasn't intended to be studied ever in a primarily literary or thematic way.

The Christian scholar whose study of scripture does not contain an element of worship faces a great danger to his heart. To be honest we all find work difficult and at times tedious, but the danger is when we are approaching the word of God in this way.

To be honest I have always been a bit concerned by those who must study the bible every day or attend church every Sunday. There is a very good tendency in those things, but we must realize that we are entering into a the presence of God were God will speak to us.

I personally find there are moments where I'm not particularly interested in listening to God in this moment (maybe I am simply too tired). I actually consider that it is possible that to read scripture in some states where you are doing so out of duty can be detrimental to oneself.

If we are hearing God's word we must be prepared to listen. If we nod off a bit in church there is nothing wrong so long as we had really intended to listen in worship. But to simply come to church or scripture with no intent to listen is of great danger.

Christian scholars face this danger frequently. There is great pressure to study and publish a large amount of materials. But one must always remember the scriptures are always speaking directly to you.
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