Sunday, May 5, 2013

Suspicion of Self

There is a healthy suspicion of self that comes with a healthy Christian faith. In life a lot you find that you are not always the person you had imagined yourself to be.

The good news for progress in the Christian faith in sanctification is to first admit when you are the person you had not hoped yourself to be. Most people who progress few steps in sanctification always act as if the sin they have done was an aberration rather than that it says something about oneself.

The excuses are easy, "I was too tired" or "I had a bad day." Certainly there is truth in these statements, but underneath them is that our sin does say something about our heart. We were not simply unjustly angry because we were too tired, the tiredness simply allowed an opportunity for something of our sin nature to slip out.

Many Christians fear viewing themselves as sinners. As if the perfect work of Christ can be undone by some action they have done.

The reality is that we have started with an infinite debt, and have been sanctified by a grace which is even more infinite. Your righteousness is not in yourself it is in heaven seated at the right hand of God.

We don't have to pretend that we have no sin, because to grow it is necessary to first admit what we struggle with. God's love is not dependent on our works rather God's love is dependent on his love for Jesus who has already paid the price.
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