Saturday, May 4, 2013

Personhood of God

A lot of people like to think of God as some sort of impersonal force in the universe. The Christian God is very different from this, however.

He is a very personal God who interacts with his people. Some people have claimed that God cannot feel emotion since to feel emotion is to change and God cannot change.

I find such an object to be far too philosophical and not enough theological. I believe that it is true that God does not change, but to suggest that experiencing emotion is a changing of the nature of God seems to be a concept derived more from Greek philosophy then the scriptures.

Emotion is a state which one experiences and not an essential change of one's nature. It is true that people have often been changed by the emotions that that feel, but to experience an emotion does not necessarily change one's nature.

The bible through speaks of God as an emotional being. That God is an emotional being is not surprising since, we are created in God's image and our emotional beings.

Even if one cannot conceive that God has eternally experienced emotion one must now allow that when God's son Jesus (fully part of the trinity) entered into history now God has emotion as part of the Godhead. Of course Jesus never left his human nature upon his assent into heaven. He is in heaven as he left, fully God and fully man.
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