Friday, May 3, 2013

Consumerism as Therapy

In the modern world we see a lot of people using consumerism as a "cure" against the stress of life. The modern commercial world strongly tries to encourage this viewpoint.

The reality is the consumption of material goods is at best a poor momentary fix for the problems of life. In reality using consumerism in this way frequently hinders people from obtaining financial stability which often cause them more emotional grief that if fixes.

The reality is that life's struggles were never meant to be solved by purchases of material goods. God has always meant for our struggles to be solved through relationship with himself.

God is the one who heals broken hearts. Much of the brokenness of man is actually found in his alienation from God. God was the only one meant to fill the holes in our broken heart.

Many people with great brokenness in their hearts believe that God will not accept them. The reality is that it is hard to imagine who God will not accept if we are willing to accept our state and ask for his mercy.

A great example of this is the apostle Paul who by his own account was the "chief of sinners," his persecution of the church would certainly make one think that he could not have found peace with God. But the reality is that God calls all men to himself, it is simply if they will accept the offer.
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