Thursday, May 2, 2013

First will be Last

The bible is full of role reversals. The Pharisees are uncovered for their wickedness. A tax collector and prostitute find forgiveness from God.

You get some interesting teaching in scripture repeated many times that "the first will be last" and the "last will be first." What does it mean.

I think it becomes clear in many cases you will see men who push themselves into the spotlight in the church. They are always at the center of being seen doing the "good" which they do.

The reality is that we must always be very careful of showing our good works to the world. Obviously if you volunteer at a Christian event it will be noticed, but obviously there is a difference between serving and serving and then flaunting ones service to the world.

Those who are last are often the humble of heart. Many people do not notice the great good these people are doing simply because they have not wished to flaunt it before men. These are the sincere people of heart who have done good because they have loved God and not because the have loved the praise of men.

Obviously the good we do in the world should hopefully please many people. But sometimes the will of God is to speak the truth and the will of God could lead to displeasing many people.

The reality is that God is the judge of actions and each of us is accountable in the end only to God. Listening to the wisdom of the leaders of the church is of great importance, but only insofar as what they say is in accord to the teaching of God.
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