Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prayer an Easy Out?

Sometimes you find Christians will use prayer as an easy out. Have I done something wrong or sense that there is some action I can take? Of course I will pray about it.

I do not wish to criticize prayer in any way. There is nothing wrong with prayer. Just as there is nothing wrong with food it can be abused if misused.

As Christians a quick response to every issue is to pray. This is a godly prospective in general, but you often see people hide behind prayer to avoid the good action which they should do.

Maybe prayer is an easy out at times because of the private nature of it. But really even prayer can be sin if we are using it as an "action" to avoid the action which we should really carry out in the world.

The bible does teach that the ideal mode of Christian living is to pray without ceasing. But you can always turn the good into evil. A good example from the bible is how Satan twists God's word by misquoting it (taking it from context) to tempt Jesus to sin.
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