Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leadership as Servant Leadership

Leadership in the American church often seems to take the role of a business CEO type persona. It is of course very strange since Jesus showed through his teaching and life that leadership of the highest level is servant leadership.

Jesus always in his leadership meet people where they are. The sort of disconnected Mega church leader simply has no example in the life of Jesus.

Interestingly the question of servant leadership raises questions about the Mega church in general. Discipleship and teaching always seem to work best in the context of relationships.

The Mega church leader simply has no relationships to any of his flock. The mega church model attempts to build small sub groups were relationships will form, but the flaw still seems present - the chief teacher does not know his flock by name.

One cannot really be a servant to someone who one does not know. So mega church leadership can and never will reach the highest level of leadership obtainable.

Sometimes when one tries to do too much one finds that one accomplishes actually very little.
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