Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Theological Tolerance vs. Theological Lack of Tolerance

It's interesting that in Scripture we find a wide range of responses to the different errors that men have made theologically. Job clearly made some theological errors, but the Lord affirmed that there was no one who followed him as Job did.

The Pharisees made errors which seemed to be terminally fatal without significant repentance. I don't want to dwell into theological errors, but simply state that theological errors become more dangerous the closer they get to the heart of the Christian message.

Errors related to the gospel are far more dangerous in general than issues about style of worship or other perceived errors. We can easily find errors in our church which are of a degree which are not important.

Some errors are worth fighting over and some are not. It is a wisdom issue, but we must always remember that the closer the error is to the heart of the Gospel the more likely it is worth discussing.
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