Thursday, May 23, 2013

Right Living not based on Knowledge

A large portion of the American educational mindset is that morality can be taught simply by making people aware of what is right or wrong. This stands in stark contrast to the bible.

Actually mankind lived perfectly before he had any knowledge of right or wrong (pre-fall). The knowledge of good and evil did not make man good.

The reality is that telling people what is right and wrong is of limited use. For young children there is often benefit, but most of the time the problem of the darkness within is not lack of education but a bad heart.

Sociologist do note that poverty increases crime and education reduces poverty. There is value in helping society through education as it makes people good citizens, but it does not make people good people.

Only through right relation to Jesus are people made good. It is not something which comes from within, since within is full of darkness. Instead we need a righteousness which comes only through faith.
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