Friday, May 24, 2013

Counting the Costs

It is interesting how many preachers preach on Jesus' words of counting the costs of faith. It as if counting the cost is a stumbling block to faith!

The reality is that with the infinite value of knowing and being known by Jesus if we accurately count the costs, the choice is easy. The only difficult of counting the cost is not understanding the value of being a child of God.

  The love of God cannot be expressed in any value. We were made to be in relation to God.

  I once told a college friend who had a very low interest in religion that theology or learning about God was something I thought everyone would find interesting if they understood what they read. The response was not positive as if I told a joke.

  The reality though is that we were made in the image of God to be in relation to God. It is not surprising that our ultimate fulfillment must be found in God.

  CS Lewis wrote and interesting comment something to the effect that we are like children playing in a sandbox while turning down the opportunity to visit the beach at the ocean. The problem is that we are too easily satisfied.
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