Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Test Spirits

Scripture often tells us to "test the spirits" or to be innocent as doves, but shrewd as snakes. What does this mean?

The basis for these sayings is that things in life are not often what they seem. The human nature likes to disguise the truth and this is where the need for critical thought comes in.

I recently made a comment to someone on a forum about a belief system they had. The responded saying they did not have the belief system. My response was that I did not believe them.

Whether I was right or wrong there are many people who are hiding behind a mask. The word hypocrisy depicts an actor putting on a mask to play a role. What is wrong with this in real life is the great dishonesty in it.

It is important to think critically about what goes on around us. We often cannot know the true nature of things, but sometimes by critical thinking some unfortunate situations can be avoided.
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