Sunday, May 19, 2013

True Experience

True experience never contradicts scripture. Jesus said that any person who has a revelation from God which contradicts his Revelation is a false profit.

It's often easy to wish that scripture is not true. The sin nature does not like a lot of what the bible has to say. The reality is a large amount of objections to the bible are often based primarily on that we do not like what it has to say.

The funny thing about the bible is that it is never wrong even when at first glance we feel it is so.

The reality of life is that the wisdom of the bible is greater than human wisdom. The bible is right even when it seems wrong.

A personal story from my life is I had a secular friend who was much older than myself and he made a number of jokes about how I didn't actually attempt to "enjoy college" by partying.

A few years later his daughter went to college and partying did not go well for her. The bible is always right even when it seems not to be so.
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