Monday, June 17, 2013

Benefit of Seeing God's Hand in Life

A lot of us go through many hard times. The bible says that God uses hard times to help people grow.

A lot of people feel as if this is in some sense terrible. I actually find it very comforting.

Suffering is normal in this fallen world. It is far more difficult when we are suffering and we can see no point in it.

Sometimes when we see a point in the suffering (maybe it is as small as a lesson learned or a bad habit fixed) then there becomes something of meaning happen.

This does not make suffering fun, but seeing that God is using things brings purpose to life. And suffering that has purpose is easier to stand than suffering with no purpose.

For a Christian God claims he works all things for their good. So there is always purpose in suffering although it may be impossible for us to see.

At times it may seem impossible that God could work good out of certain events, but by faith we can trust that God is faithful to his promises even when we cannot see how he is doing so.
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