Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vocation - All Work God's Work

In many churches there has crept in a notion that some work is holy and some work is secular and therefore not holy. This viewpoint is a misunderstanding of the bible.

The reality is that all work is God's and should be done as service unto God.

There may be some work with elements which are not ethical. In these cases we should not do these form of work and try to leave them if we are in them, trusting that God will provide in the right way.

The reality is that God created man to care for the earth. Work was created before the fall and it was good.

Maybe a suspicion of that work is bad comes from a failure to see that it existed before the fall. It is not a result of the fall, although work was not intended to be difficult as it is now, that difficulty is a result of the fall.
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