Thursday, July 4, 2013

True Happiness is the Enemy of Sin

The world wants to tell us that sin is what will make you happy. To be truly happy you will need to live as the world lives.

The bible tells a very different story. To be happy is to know and be known by God.

Sin is the path of darkness and it offers no delights past the moment. The law of God serves to protect ones joy in God.

I've mentioned this to people and they usually laugh. It seems silly that the law actually functions to help people be happy.

But really are the vices of greed, lust, ect really so filling? The reality is that at the core these things are empty.

We cannot be satisfied in any significant sense by these things. The ultimate satisfaction is to know God and to find our pleasure through relationship to him.

Actually this is as it was before the fall. Man walked with God. God "discovered" man's sin when he came to walk with him.
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